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Snappy Word

Piggy-backing on the popularity of word games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Boggle, Snappy Word approaches the genre with a simpler design.

Four random letters are displayed on your Apple Watch and you have 30 seconds to make as many words as you can. Leaderboards and challenges (asynchronous or head-to-head) exist to help make you feel like a better wordsmith than your friends. And the best of all: it’s free. Protip: coming up with those four-letter words your mother would gasp at is only fun the first time.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Soccer fan or not, there’s no denying the fanatic following that EA’s FIFA franchise has, and with their free-to-play Ultimate Team available on iOS, players there are as rabid as the ones on console. While you won’t be playing a football match on your wrist (yet), the newest update allows for managers to track their team. No more awkward pauses in the board room as you check to see if your latest trade has gone through - now just a quick glance will confirm whether you’ve shipped off your pretty-boy goalie, or if you’re stuck with him.

Trivia Crack

There’s no escaping this Trivial Pursuit clone, so why wouldn’t it come to Apple Watch? Formatted so the entire game can be played without touching your iPhone, it even includes notifications, ensuring that you never have to deal with that annoying message asking, “Are you going to take your turn or not?” Arguably the most popular game on iOS, Trivia Crack is taking advantage of the new device and ensures that you can’t quit, no matter how many people show up at the intervention.


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